Development of an Image Recognition Mobile App for a Luxury Vehicles Manufacturer

Development of an Image Recognition Mobile App for a Luxury Vehicles Manufacturer

Manufacturing, Logistics & Transportation
Android, Xamarin


The end Customer is a multinational manufacturer of luxury vehicles with an annual revenue exceeding €50 billion.


To get access to the manufacturer’s post-sales customer services (e.g. dynamic route guidance, a stolen vehicle locator, etc.), vehicle owners had to sign up with 3 separate websites. With multiple forms to fill in, the user registration procedure took about 20 steps, or 2+ hours in time. Therefore, many customers failed to complete registration of their new vehicles in the manufacturer's system, which led to decreasing customer satisfaction, gaps in customer information, and losses in revenue due to unclaimed paid services. To fix this, the manufacturer needed a solution to speed up the signup process.


To address the challenge, ScienceSoft’s team came up with a mobile application and a mixed Xamarin/JavaScript-based solution that automated filling in of the registration forms.

Aiming at a minimum manual input of user data, our developers introduced the image recognition functionality to the delivered mobile application. This way, the enhanced registration procedure starts with vehicle owners scanning their driver licenses with the help of their mobile devices. In the background, the application sends a request to a third-party library, and the latter decodes the license barcodes to retrieve drivers’ personal data. Then the application uses the JavaScript-based solution to transform the sourced data into the required format and automatically put it in the forms at the websites of the vehicle manufacturer. Vehicle owners are asked to manually input minimum details, e.g. a user password. In case of erroneous data, the application instantly notifies vehicle owners and asks for necessary corrections.

image recognition app


In the course of the project, ScienceSoft delivered a mobile application with a custom design for 3 screens and a splash screen, as well as a Xamarin/JavaScript-based automating solution for user registration at the customer service websites of the vehicle manufacturer. The deliverables helped to speed up user registration by 10 times and thus streamline the post-purchase service to vehicle owners.

Technologies and Tools

Android, Xamarin.Forms, Xamarin.Android, JavaScript.

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