Continuous Modernization and Support of an Acclaimed Mobile Banking App

Continuous Modernization and Support of an Acclaimed Mobile Banking App

Financial Services
Mobile, iOS, Android


The Customer is one of Azerbaijan’s biggest private banks, Unibank. In 2016, ScienceSoft designed and developed the Customer’s Android/iOS banking app, which was later highly praised by Deloitte in their overview of mobile banking solutions.


At first, the scope of the support services – requested by the Customer and provided by ScienceSoft – mostly included performance monitoring and troubleshooting. But as global mobile banking technology was gradually introducing new possibilities, the Customer had to expand the scope and request continuous application modernization services that would help them to stay competitive on the market.


Using the Scrum methodology, ScienceSoft’s team of 2 iOS developers, 2 Android developers, and a project manager have been working on the app’s evolution for 4 years as of 2020. During this time, a number of new features were introduced, including:

  • Integration with national APUS (Azerbaijan Payment Utility Service) payments.
  • Two new types of money transfer.
  • Possibility to add cards of other banks to the app.
  • Discontinuation of call-based contact with bank representatives.
  • Possibility to link a Facebook account with the app.
  • QR login option.
  • Introduction of ‘Stories’ menu section.
  • Online account opening and card order.

ScienceSoft’s team also helped to technically realize a creative loyalty program that added a fitness tracker-like functionality to the Customer’s app. The app was programmed to count an approximate number of steps made by a user throughout the day, week, and month. Every user should reach their individual steps goals to earn the number of bonuses (that can be used for paying in partner shops and restaurants) depending on how well they perform.


Every update that was introduced to the app helped the Customer’s solution remain a leading one on the mobile banking market and preserved the Customer’s competitiveness. ScienceSoft continues to provide support and modernization services to the Customer.

Technologies and Tools

Android: Kotlin, Retrofit 2, Dagger 2, RxJava 2, AndroidX, MotionLayout, LoganSquare, Glide, ZXing, Firebase Cloud Messaging, Google Maps, Google Authenticator, Google Fit, Firebase Crashlytics, Firebase Dynamic Links, Flurry, Facebook SDK.

iOS: Swift, RxSwift, R.swift, SwiftLint, Swinject, PromiseKit, Realm, Firebase Dynamic Links, Google Maps, MessageKit, SCrypto, HealthKit, Core Motion.

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