Development of a Digital Signage Solution for In-store Audio Product Check

Development of a Digital Signage Solution for In-store Audio Product Check

Retail, Consumer Goods, Entertainment
Android, Cloud, Linux network, PHP, Python, Node.js


The Customer is a US audio equipment manufacturer that largely contributes to the global consumer market of audio equipment.


Since the Customer offers a wide range of different headphones and earbuds, they wanted to let visitors in retail chain stores try and compare multiple models and choose the ones they like best. This way, they hoped to noticeably increase their sales.


After analyzing the Customer’s needs, ScienceSoft’s BAs suggested developing a smart in-store headphone check digital signage stand. Our team of 8 experts worked on the project for 1 year according to the SCRUM methodology. UI and UX design, development, as well as quality assurance, were all performed by ScienceSoft.

The finished smart solution is a complex system that consists of the following three components:

The app lets a store visitor view a default playlist of tracks that they can play via Bluetooth- or wire-connected headphones to check the sound quality. ScienceSoft also developed a feature that would ask a user to mark the model they chose and send this data to a master control computer.

  • Master control computer (with Raspberry Pi hardware)

The microcomputer contains the business logic of the product check stand and coordinates data exchange between the mobile app and a web app for administrators. After receiving Raspberry Pi hardware provided by the Customer, our team wrote unique drivers for it and integrated the computer with the mobile and web apps.

The mobile app communicates with the microcomputer via Wi-Fi, sending it not just product picks, but also error reports and any glitch occurrences in the app.

All user data, received by the microcomputer from the mobile app is sent further to the web-based administration panel. ScienceSoft implemented additional services to automatically transform the gathered data into easy-on-the-eyes colorful graphs.


The developed system not only helps to drive the Customer’s sales, but also provides them with crucial information about their clients’ preferences, which allows them to plan out production with ROI in mind.

Technologies and Tools

Raspberry Pi, Linux (Debian, Raspbian), PHP, Symfony 2, NodeJS, Java, Python, WebSockets API, REST API.

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