We collaborate with companies from 60 countries and 30 industries. Our project portfolio includes over 3,000 success stories, including projects for Walmart, eBay, NASA JPL, PerkinElmer, Baxter, IBM, Leo Burnett. We asked our customers what are their impressions on cooperation with ScienceSoft – have a look at their answers in the testimonials below.

Leo Burnett Worldwide: What Is Working with ScienceSoft Like

For 4 years, ScienceSoft have been an outsourcing partner of a global advertising agency Leo Burnett Worldwide. Sam Gooby, Head of Platform Production at Leo Burnett, shares his first-hand experience on collaboration with our IT experts.

For your convenience, we divided the testimonials by industry, service and technology so you can easily find the ones that are relevant to your case.

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ScienceSoft proved to be flexible and responsive during end-to-end implementation of an enterprise analytics solution

When we first contacted ScienceSoft, we needed expert advice on the creation of the centralized analytical solution to achieve company-wide transparent analytics and reporting. After a series of interviews, ScienceSoft’s consultants analyzed our workloads, documentation, and the existing infrastructure and provided us with a clear project roadmap.

The decision was made to proceed with the part of the centralized analytics solution, covering invoicing. We also asked ScienceSoft to automate the invoicing process. To fulfil the task, we engaged ScienceSoft’s team of a business analyst, a solution architect, two database developers, a front-end developer and two quality assurance engineers.

ScienceSoft’s team members proved to be extremely flexible and responsive. They stayed in daily contact with us, which allowed us to adjust the scope of works promptly and implement new requirements on the fly. Additionally, the team delivered demos every other week so that we could be sure that the invoicing system aligned with our business needs.

The invoicing system created by ScienceSoft automates data integration from different sources, invoice generation, and provides visibility into the invoicing process. We have already engaged ScienceSoft in supporting the solution and would definitely consider ScienceSoft as an IT vendor in the future.

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A trustworthy partner with skilled technical specialists on board.

Give Back Wireless helps B2B clients manage company-owned wireless devices. We provide procurement options that save our clients up to 60% on device costs, while also providing critical services such as repair and recycling across the full life cycle of those devices.

Due to our business growth, we decided to outsource the continuous development, support and maintenance of our proprietary internal systems. By doing so, it would strengthen our business continuity plan by providing a knowledge base that we could continue to build upon, while adding diversity and scalability to propel future development plans.

After thorough due diligence and planning, we engaged ScienceSoft as our development partner. ScienceSoft coordinated knowledge transfer, discovery of our internal systems, then transitioned into supporting those systems and taking on projects to evolve their functionality. We’ve already improved our ability to track our complex commission structure and added a test environment to enhance our release process.

By working with ScienceSoft, we’ve been able to achieve exactly what we set out to accomplish with this strategy, and we recommend them as a trustworthy partner with skilled technical specialists on board.

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We are impressed how quickly ScienceSoft grasped industry-specific methodology and algorithms

bioAffinity Technologies hired ScienceSoft to help in the development of its automated data analysis software for detection of lung cancer using flow cytometry. We had created the data analysis program that was used in our clinical trial of the assay. We asked ScienceSoft to create a program that could generate a physician’s report from the analysis of single samples by flow cytometry as well as data from EHR/LIS systems. This was not an easy task.

We have been very pleased with ScienceSoft. Our project required a large amount of industry specific methodology and algorithms to be implemented into our new software connected to EHR/LIS systems, which the team handled well. bioAffinity’s scientists created a script for processing flow cytometry results written in the R programming language. Based on the script, ScienceSoft’s team developed a cancer detection app with business logic written in Java programming language. The software takes necessary patient data (e.g., age, name) from a remote laboratory, transforms it from an HL7 message into R script input arguments, interprets cytometry-based diagnosis provided by the R script, and sends the diagnosis as an HL7 message to the laboratory.

In addition to the solid technical expertise shown by ScienceSoft, its developers demonstrated a profound understanding of laboratory software specifics and integrations. I am particularly impressed by the cooperative nature of ScienceSoft’s team. Our project required coordination with multiple companies and individuals. ScienceSoft worked well with everyone.

ScienceSoft has been a competent partner for medical software development. We would recommend them as a trustworthy vendor. They are reliable, thorough, smart, available, extremely good communicators and very friendly. We would recommend hiring ScienceSoft to anyone looking for a highly productive and solution-driven team. We look forward to working with them over the long-term.

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We are fully satisfied with the solution and the assistance of ScienceSoft’s team.

We commissioned ScienceSoft to build a Dynamics 365 customer portal to help our sales team streamline communication with B2B customers.

ScienceSoft’s project team consisted of a Project Manager, a Business Analyst, and two Dynamics 365 Developers. The team implemented a robust customer portal integrated with the Dynamics 365 Sales module. They also conducted training on all scenarios of using the portal for our sales team, which encouraged high user adoption of the solution.

The B2B customer portal meets our business needs of enhanced pricing invoicing and contracting and overall client communication. We are fully satisfied with the solution and the assistance of ScienceSoft’s team. The project continues on the support level, and we are glad to continue our cooperation with ScienceSoft.

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We know we can rely on ScienceSoft’s experts.

Supponor is a global leader in the development and delivery of virtual advertising solutions for live televised sport. Driven by advanced computer vision and AI algorithms, Supponor’s industry proven platform and proprietary technology enables rights owners to increase the value and relevance of their partner messages by inserting authentic brand advertising and sponsorship assets into sports broadcast in real time; delivering targeted TV content to individual audiences while ensuring an uninterrupted and realistic viewer experience.

ScienceSoft’s C++ developers have been assisting Supponor in the ongoing development of the software for the past 11 years. Over this time, they have become an indispensable part of our team. ScienceSoft’s experience in cross-platform, real-time systems, and computer graphics as well as their robust skills in integrations across a wide range of highly specific hardware helps to ensure consistently high performance and wide compatibility of Supponor’s products; “We know we can rely on ScienceSoft’s experts and trust their excellent understanding of what our clients demand from Supponor software. We are pleased to work with ScienceSoft and would recommend them as a valued and trustworthy business partner.”

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After product evolution performed by ScienceSoft, the new software module performs stably even under heavy load

To stay on top of the market of software products, we’re always looking to enhance our solutions with new features that meet the customers’ most demanding needs. Collaborating with skilled IT vendors is crucial to support adherence to our high work standards. Owing to ScienceSoft’s experience in distributed modular systems, we cooperated with them on the evolution of our Azure-based product for accounts payable management. ScienceSoft was to cover end-to-end development of an intelligent paperless invoice processing module for the product.

ScienceSoft quickly provided a complete development team that included a BA, developers and QA specialists. ScienceSoft’s developers used the microservices approach to ensure the system’s scalability, which is critical for us as our user base is growing. They selected and implemented techs that ensured the system’s availability and fault-tolerance in the future. We were particularly pleased with neat alignment of the developed module with our requirements.

The new software module performs stably even under heavy load, which helps provide highquality user experience for our customers. ScienceSoft proved to be a reliable tech partner, and we can recommend other businesses to consider ScienceSoft as a software development vendor.

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ScienceSoft’s team has successfully implemented two projects on revamping educational applications

We’ve cooperated with ScienceSoft on two projects involving apps for the education industry.

First, we needed help in revamping a web app for pre-school institutions. The app is used by school operators, school administration personnel, and parents and offers such functionality as attendance tracking, instant messaging, announcements, and invoicing for care, tuition, and meals. ScienceSoft’s PHP team has fixed the app’s security issues and has enhanced its features like financial reporting and attendance tracking to make the app more efficient and easy to use. We are fully satisfied with the current results, and we are going to continue our cooperation with ScienceSoft on this project. We plan to use their help in migrating the app to an up-to-date modern PHP framework to make the most of the app capabilities and keep up with the latest IT standards.

The second project covers a web and mobile app for distance learning. The app is used by pupils, teachers, and parents for tracking learning activities, assignments, grades, and more. ScienceSoft’s team has successfully extended the app’s functionality with new modules that were required by newly arisen user needs. In addition, ScienceSoft’s .NET team works on integrating the app with Microsoft Teams to make it more convenient for pupils to track their classes and assignments. In perspective, we plan to make the app even more efficient, flexible, and scalable. And we’d be glad to turn to ScienceSoft’s professionals for that.

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ScienceSoft helped stabilize the performance of our partner’s ecommerce store

We cooperated with ScienceSoft’s test automation team to validate and re-validate the performance of our partner’s ecommerce store.

Initially, we requested load testing services to validate the e-store’s performance under an increasing load. During load testing, ScienceSoft’s test engineers revealed some performance bottlenecks. To find the root causes of these performance defects, ScienceSoft’s team designed and ran additional configuration tests. After the performance issues were fixed, ScienceSoft’s experts carried out the necessary re-testing. Sometimes we required near real-time feedback on the test results, and ScienceSoft’s test engineers were available for frequent meetings and calls.

The collaboration with ScienceSoft helped stabilize the store’s performance and ensure its full compliance with the performance requirements. We also received all the test scripts and instructions on how to run them.

We recommend ScienceSoft as a quality-centered software testing partner.

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Action-oriented product launch consulting from ScienceSoft.

Being in the process of an online marketplace launch, we looked for a consulting partner to help us shape a final product vision with strong competitive advantages. We trusted the experience of ScienceSoft in market entry consulting and involved a lead business consultant for the goals of our project.

We know for sure that competent consultants can make a true difference for business decision making, cut expenses and guarantee a product’s marketability. That’s what we expected from ScienceSoft, and they totally lived up to our expectations.

From the start, the consultant advised us on the scope of activities pursuing two main goals: to research the competition on our target market and to prototype our marketplace. Having accomplished all the market research activities, the consultant provided a report featuring our core competitors: their products’ efficiencies and drawbacks, and monetization models. With these insights at hand, we could elaborate our competitive strengths. The consultant also did a great job creating a dynamic UX prototype of our marketplace and planning integrations important for fast and effective business workflows. We will use the prototype to get the reaction from users (both internal and external) and improve it based on this feedback. Thus, we will start the marketplace development confident of the final product’s high usability.

Overall, we highly appreciated our cooperation with ScienceSoft at this project stage. Their consulting assistance was action-driven and brought a bunch of practical action points to us. It’s a pleasure to work with experts who are knowledgeable, self-motivated and sincerely interested to do the best of their ability.

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ScienceSoft’s team promptly reacted and developed new software functionality fully adhering to our requirements.

Two years ago, we commissioned ScienceSoft to audit and upgrade our partially developed AI-based software for clay pigeon shooting tracking.

ScienceSoft ramped up a development team consisting of two C++ developers, two data scientists, and a UI design expert to fulfill the project. The team identified core errors, which didn’t allow efficient solution operation, and implemented high-speed convolutional neural networks to fix them. As a result, the system could track a flying target in a real-life outdoor environment and faultlessly detect shooter’s performance.

In the course of the project, we decided to enrich software functionality and enable the system to track more than one flying target, support multiple tracking cameras and instantly report on the shooting results to an app installed on a shooter’s tablet or phone. ScienceSoft’s team promptly reacted and developed new software functionality fully adhering to our requirements. Now, it is suitable for different types of shooting games and can be employed in major international competitions.

We are satisfied with our cooperation with ScienceSoft and their skilled development team, which smoothly fit into our project. In case of further system evolution, we’ll continue our collaboration and won’t hesitate to recommend ScienceSoft as a reliable development partner.

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The most beneficial outside resource we’ve ever had.

ScienceSoft has been vital to our company’s growth in ecommerce over the last 3 years. We rely on the team for a variety of Magento support tasks, and they always deal with our problems fast. This really helps us move on with our business, and no technicality holds it back. Among other things, ScienceSoft’s team helped us optimize the website performance and improve digital user experience, which had a positive impact on the conversion rate.

Magento developers we are working with are knowledgeable, efficient, communicative, and are always able to provide a strong resource for any needs that arise. They are a very versatile company in terms of the number of services they provide. ScienceSoft is quite possibly the most beneficial outside resource we’ve ever had.

With their help, we’ve successfully upgraded our platform, improved our front end UI, and developed a more efficient internal workflow to support our customers.

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The team was always responsive to all our questions.

We were looking for a reliable development vendor to help us introduce new functional capabilities to our corporate financial portal. We teamed up with ScienceSoft trusting a solid experience that the company had in the domain of web portal development, and never regretted the decision. ScienceSoft’s team proved to be knowledgeable, thoughtful, and highly motivated.

ScienceSoft’s developers proactively resolved the challenges that surfaced during the project. For example, since the source code of the original portal appeared to be unavailable, they promptly developed a new portal from the ground up. They offered a simple, yet well-functioning, way to integrate our financial portal with the data management and accounting systems, which allowed us not to get stuck with an overcomplicated data synchronization process.

An end-to-end project was accomplished within 7 months, and the result is perfectly in line with our expectations and requirements. The team was always responsive to all our questions, and we truly appreciated such a collaborative approach. Currently, ScienceSoft provides ongoing support for us, and we can surely recommend them as a reliable development team.

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ScienceSoft has been providing continuous maintenance of a custom software product since 2015

For the past 6 years, ScienceSoft has been a reliable partner in supporting and maintaining our HR software product. They have fixed hundreds of bugs in the product’s performance since the start of our cooperation back in 2016 and keep modernizing HR on our demand, introducing new features and tweaking existing functionality to let us better cater to our growing client base. Moreover, ScienceSoft has successfully migrated our product from onpremises Microsoft Access to cloud-based Microsoft SQL Server, ensuring uninterrupted, smooth operation and high availability of HR in the new infrastructure.

Communication with ScienceSoft was always fast and solution orientated. Their developers are highly motivated and skilled.

Thanks to ScienceSoft, we’re looking forward to continue our cooperation. We can be confident in the quality of HR software we provide to our customers. We would certainly recommend ScienceSoft as a provider of support and maintenance services to other companies.

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5 years of successful cooperation.

We have been cooperating with ScienceSoft for 5 years. ScienceSoft's team of five Java developers and one Test Engineer have been working hard to ensure our product - Enonic XP - exceeds our customer's expectations. The team has become an integrated part of Enonic, and we appreciate their efforts and passion for the product.

ScienceSoft's experience in agile development ensured smooth project implementation and iterative development of Enonic XP. This enabled us to adjust to the changing market requirements and incorporate features that made us stand out from competition. As a result, Enonic XP has evolved into an easy-to-use and scalable platform, which is crucial for our success.

Thanks for a great job so far!

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ScienceSoft helped a lot speed up our product's release

By the time we teamed up with ScienceSoft, we’ve been in the process of finalizing our Shopify for emerging markets platform - BoxCommerce. To speed up the time to market for our product, we needed to ramp up our development capacity and were looking for front-end developers competent in ecommerce. ScienceSoft proved the expertise we needed, and two of their front-end developers joined our team. Currently, they are helping us to finalize our main dashboard application where our clients will configure their webstores and design a frontend theme.

Now that we’ve been working with ScienceSoft for 4 months, we can say that we are no doubt happy with our choice of development partners. The quality they deliver is consistently high. Given that the whole project team is international, we have no communication problems, and the reports are on time. What we appreciate is their ability to work independently, with no need for our careful guidance.

With ScienceSoft, we managed to acquire the development resources that we needed and got them fit into our teamwork smoothly. We believe they’ve contributed a lot to speed up our product’s release.

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We appreciate ScienceSoft's proactive approach and ability to suggest improvements to a prospective solution on both architectural and business levels.

We started working with ScienceSoft when one of our long-standing clients - a multinational FMCG corporation - required custom software to boost its sales worldwide.

The client needed complex trade promotion management software to serve as trade marketing planning system. The solution needed to be easily customizable, as the client operates in over 180 countries and needs to adjust the software to the local requirements.

ScienceSoft proved to be a professional service provider from the outset. Their team members completed a short onsite training before the start of the project to fully understand the client's business processes. The subsequent team ramp-up was smooth. The .NET developers engaged in the project were skilled and experienced.

However, the challenge was not only to provide quality development services but to collaborate with two international teams engaged in the project implementation. ScienceSoft accomplished this task in a highly productive and efficient way. The communication ran seamlessly.

The solution developed by ScienceSoft fully met the client's requirements and expectations. The project marked the start of successful and mutually beneficial cooperation between Leo Burnett and ScienceSoft. We appreciate their proactive approach and ability to suggest improvements to a prospective solution on both architectural and business levels. We know we can always rely on ScienceSoft’s various competencies when our clients require quality software which would facilitate their business success.

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ScienceSoft’s team undertook the development of our product from scratch and showed deep expertise in the .Net environment and AWS and Azure services.

ServicePulse, LLC commissioned ScienceSoft to help us develop an AI-based software product for a limited number of clients to calculate software development efficiency and customer satisfaction score. We wanted our product to integrate with various ticketing software to collect support tickets, analyze them with AI, and organize the elicited data into charts and visuals.

ScienceSoft’s team undertook the development of our product from scratch and showed deep expertise in the .Net environment and AWS and Azure services. They delivered software in time and with the required quality. The team adhered to consistent two-way communication and regularly shared detailed project updates and recommendations on how certain functions could be implemented in a more efficient way. Also, ScienceSoft’s team was proactive in offering beneficial customizations of product functionality for our clients.

So far, we’ve been partnering with ScienceSoft for around 3 years, and we are satisfied with our cooperation and its results – it’s clear they’re fully invested in our project and collaboration.

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ScienceSoft’s team built a fault-tolerant and highly available AWS-based app infrastructure

Our company turned to ScienceSoft for infrastructure management of the web application that we offer to our clients for sending SMS notifications.

ScienceSoft has been providing an excellent level of service maintaining the application’s AWS infrastructure, as well as deploying and configuring new Linux-based virtual machines and AWS cloud services, such as Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, Amazon S3, Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon ElastiCache, Amazon Route 53, and many more.

During our cooperation, ScienceSoft’s team has built a fault-tolerant and highly available application infrastructure with automatic crash recovery capabilities, which makes our web application stable and high-performing.

We would certainly recommend ScienseSoft as a reliable managed infrastructure service provider.

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ScienceSoft demonstrated a good knowledge of SharePoint Online and proactive approach to SharePoint DMS development.

We commissioned ScienceSoft to implement a document management system based on SharePoint Online. Under the project, ScienceSoft’s team developed custom document approval workflows that provided automated protection of a document from modification after approval. Thus, the developed DMS solution helped us accelerate document-driven business processes and ensure data security and integrity.

To enable our employees to create document workflows of their own, ScienceSoft’s SharePoint team also created a reusable workflow template. What’s more, the team implemented custom forms for employee information and payroll management.

After finishing the project within six weeks, ScienceSoft’s team implemented the SharePoint DMS for our employees, which helped facilitate the DMS adoption and organizing internal training.

We’re fully satisfied with the solution and our cooperation with ScienceSoft’s professionals. They demonstrated good knowledge of the platform and proactive approach to SharePoint DMS development. Thus, the team suggested adding diverse social features to the solution to make it more engaging for employees. We can definitely recommend ScienceSoft as a reliable IT services provider.

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ScienceSoft delivered highly secure mobile banking apps for iOS and Android

We chose ScienceSoft as a technology partner for the mobile banking development project for both iOS and Android platforms. The choice of a service provider was especially critical, since a reliable and convenient mobile banking application is strategically important to Unibank as a bank, which strives to employ state-of-the-art technologies to the benefit of our customers.

We were pleased with the outcomes of the project, as well as with the collaboration mode. ScienceSoft brought to the table substantial expertise in mobile application development and explicitly customer-centered approach to the application design. Besides, they proved to be a reliable and agile technology partner. We especially appreciate their professional approach to security issues, which were among our main concerns due to strict regulations.

As a result of our cooperation both iOS and Android mobile applications provide Unibank's customers with a remote access to the all-round functionality with an individualized dashboard and 3 handy widgets.

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ScienceSoft has been great at implementing the app features we plan and suggesting new ideas

We are a company that provides a marketplace primarily for tabletop roleplaying game publishers (of games like Dungeons & Dragons), that allows their fans to purchase their titles in digital and print-on-demand format. ScienceSoft has worked with us to develop a library application that lets customers easily access their digital libraries. We needed this application developed for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, so ScienceSoft suggested and implemented a multi-platform framework that minimized development costs.

We have continued iterating on that application and adding new features over several years, and ScienceSoft's developers have been great at implementing the designs that we give them, as well as suggesting ideas themselves. They produce good code, they are quick to respond, detail-oriented, and a very good value for our money. We started off with defined-scope projects, but have transitioned to a T&M model. We plan to continue working with them in the future, and would recommend them for anyone needing development work.

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Great technical quality, really dedicated developers, eager to solve problems, collaborative approach.

At Emolytics, we strive to provide our clients with top-notch solutions to keep track of customer emotions and satisfaction in order to deliver an automated market research platform, simple and easy to use. As technology evolves we need to keep abreast. New features and improvements need to be introduced all the time. So I was in search of developers to handle parts of our back-end development. ScienceSoft came across as a reliable partner with decades of experience in the field and proven track record.

ScienceSoft didn't fall short of expectations. Their PHP and Node.js skills are excellent. ScienceSoft delivers great technical quality, really dedicated developers, eager to solve problems, and positive about their work and area of expertise. I appreciate their reactivity and collaborative approach. Our investment surely pays off. I know I can rely on them and I like it.

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Our cooperation with ScienceSoft is 6 years of fruitful work

ScienceSoft is the name we would recommend to every company seeking a committed IT services provider. We have been working with ScienceSoft for 6 years and they have become our long-term technology partner. Our relationships covered multiple areas such as software development of server-based systems with desktop and mobile clients, software testing, software consulting and system integration for our customer. ScienceSoft professional and knowledgeable staff has the willingness to endeavor best efforts to ensure project success. Every aspect of development is always handled with consideration and care. What we are especially impressed with is the high quality of the deliverables.

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ScienceSoft has been providing continuous maintenance services, including mailbox migration, for 5 years

We have been working with ScienceSoft for five years so far. Team successfully performed the migration project in order to improve our processes. The project involved mailboxes migration and additional configuration works, including antispam. ScienceSoft has high technological competences to implement the needed domain experience.

We have experienced great cooperation from management, quick understanding of requirements, deep technical skills from assigned resources, and company commitment to time, price, and quality. We would be pleased to recommend ScienceSoft to anyone looking for outsourcing or extension of their own team!

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ScienceSoft has delivered cutting-edge solutions to complex problems bringing in innovative ideas and developments

For the last 11 years Invention Machine has had a stable and successful relationship with ScienceSoft. ScienceSoft has attracted top talents in its local area to work on our projects and that resulted in products we can market and sell to our clients. ScienceSoft has delivered cutting-edge solutions to complex problems bringing in innovative ideas and developments. ScienceSoft follows specifications very rigidly, requiring clear communication about intended functionality. My final comment about ScienceSoft reflects their dedication to handle any problem that occurs as a result of hardware or software issues; simply put, they will go the extra mile to support their customers regardless of the time of day these issues arise.

After a successful intranet launch, we continue working with ScienceSoft to keep it up-to-date

We worked with ScienceSoft on building out our SharePoint Intranet company wide. Their team is very professional and responsive. They were great to work with and helped us build solutions that improved our infrastructure. We are continuing to consult with them as we grow.

Their team is great with all the questions and issues that we had as we built our SharePoint. Cal Am Manufacturing highly recommends ScienceSoft as a consultant and design team for SharePoint build outs.

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ScienceSoft brings top quality talents and deep knowledge of IT technologies and approaches in accordance with ISO13485 and IEC62304 standards.

Malmö University turned to ScienceSoft for IT consulting on medical software development. ScienceSoft provided an excellent level of service in:

  • Code assessment of our existing healthcare application for life science research;
  • Consulting on best practices and standards in healthcare and life science software development;
  • Research on medical devices (functionality, safety classes, registration, etc.) to be used in the future project;
  • Preparation activities for a planned platform development project: architecture planning, verification planning, software development lifecycle processes, risk management processes, quality control.

During our cooperation, ScienceSoft proved to have vast expertise in Healthcare and Life Science industries related to development of a desktop software connected to laboratory equipment, mobile application and data analytics platform. They bring top quality talents and deep knowledge of IT technologies and approaches in accordance with ISO13485 and IEC62304 standards.

I would also like to point out that ScienceSoft’s team demonstrated a great engineering culture, proactive approach in work, and the communication was easy and clear. I would certainly recommend ScienceSoft as a reliable partner in IT consulting.

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ScienceSoft's team built a flexible database on Microsoft Azure Cloud within 8 months

We commissioned ScienceSoft to build a flexible database with user interfaces for uploading and exporting data to access and manage our test data stored as time-based CVS files.

For the project, ScienceSoft assembled a team of a solution architect, a senior database developer, and a DevOps engineer. Within 8 months from the start of the project, the team implemented a fully functioning database solution backed up with Microsoft Azure Cloud infrastructure and services. The database solution created by ScienceSoft allows inputting all our raw and processed test data through the user interface, accessing data within the database, processing and presenting database data in user-defined formats.

We were satisfied with the quality and efficiency of the team’s work regardless of arising challenges. For example, ScienceSoft’s experts promptly reacted to new solution requirements that appeared during the project without stalling its progress.

In the future, we are planning to extend the logic of our reports and dashboards and extend data processing options in our database solution, and we’ll definitely be considering ScienceSoft as our partner in this initiative.

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ScienceSoft’s team is highly skilled and extremely committed to providing excellent results.

Our company worked on a scalable and secure portal to buy, sell and store cryptocurrency. To deliver advanced user experience, the portal needed a highly adaptive and compelling UI with different kinds of financial graphs and diagrams.

In early 2020, we hired ScienceSoft to help our team with frontend portal development focusing on SCSS and Angular 9. By this time, our portal had been ready, and the main layout of the site had been done. ScienceSoft’s team added font icons and rendered the portal’s visual style according to the approved terms of reference. Also, as we continuously extended the portal functionality, ScienceSoft’s frontend developers handled the prompt implementation of design changes for the existing and new portal pages and for the mobile version of the portal.

ScienceSoft’s team is highly skilled and extremely committed to providing excellent results. The cooperation ran very smoothly.

We enjoyed our collaboration with ScienceSoft and won’t hesitate to recommend their frontend development expertise!

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Full-cycle web app development within just 4 months

We entrusted ScienceSoft with the development of our web application for AWS cloud users to gather cloud instance monitoring metrics.

ScienceSoft’s team provided a full cycle of software development service including business analysis, design, development, DevOps and testing. They analysed our feature requirements and designed the app UI to be user-friendly as well as implementing the app server component. They performed manual testing of the web application and its notifications.

We would like to point out that ScienceSoft’s team managed to bring to life our web application with full adherence to the requirements and within the optimistic project plan. Thanks to their solid experience in agile development, our web app was deployed in just 4 months. ScienceSoft proved to be a reliable and highly professional software development vendor, we would definitely turn to them for our future projects.

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ScienceSoft's team revamped a SharePoint intranet portal, giving it a custom look and feel

Arabian Oud turned to ScienceSoft for assistance in building a new SharePoint intranet portal. Our legacy single-page intranet application hosted on SharePoint Server 2013 lacked the functionality we needed and was generally slow - it took several minutes for a page to load.

ScienceSoft’s SharePoint team succeeded in creating a user-friendly on-premises intranet with responsive UI. They improved the intranet performance by dividing our large database into two separate databases, changing search topology, and reconfiguring SharePoint services.

ScienceSoft’s team created the custom look and feel for the intranet, a custom master page, and custom templates for the home page, department pages, and user profile pages. Also, the team delivered custom web parts, including a quick links web part to enable one-click access to our corporate solutions (HR, help desk, employee time tracking, etc.) and social networks.

To make the intranet fully meet our business needs, ScienceSoft’s team implemented new document management features, including document approval workflows. What’s more, the team made all intranet pages bilingual (Arabic and English).

We are totally satisfied with our new intranet, which is intuitive and fast, with each page loading in less than a second. ScienceSoft proved to be a reliable and proactive partner, and we’d definitely recommend them for cooperation on SharePoint intranet development.

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ScienceSoft is very knowledgeable about Intranet implementation.

Working with ScienceSoft was nothing but a learning experience while building our Intranet! I started my search for someone to help my organization to help us build an intranet site and came across ScienceSoft. Their reviews were nothing but positive and I've learned why first hand! Their very responsive and very knowledgeable for assisting with our Intranet implementation. We met twice a week, and everyone was punctual with meetings and deadlines. I recommend ScienceSoft for any needs and will work with the company again if needed in the future!

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ScienceSoft helped us keep up with aggresive roadmap and work through a huge backlog

ClubRunner has two products that serve associations and non-profits looking to better manage membership, improve public relations and organize their events. With an aggressive roadmap, changes in priorities, and launches into new verticals, we started building up several hundreds of tickets in the backlog. To enable our development team to keep up with demand while maintaining product quality, we decided to accelerate the testing process by augmenting our QA team, and turned to ScienceSoft for help.

ScienceSoft’s team has carried out manual functional testing of our products and cross-browser testing for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. We discussed the specifics of each module of our products with the team, then they tested the modules and documented identified issues. They also re-checked the tickets for issues already fixed by our team and created test cases for regression testing of certain modules of the products.

We are fully satisfied with ScienceSoft’s work. The team has been available on a daily basis and 145 tickets have already been checked. We also appreciate ScienceSoft’s scrupulousness and proactive approach – the team has regularly suggested improvements to the products’ functionality based on the found issues. The project is still in progress, and we’re looking forward to continuing our partnership with ScienceSoft and growing our team with them.

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The Apps and the devices alike were tested thoroughly and rigorously. Throughout the testing process, ScienceSoft’s team was always very responsive and very helpful.

Tuya is a global leading IoT platform that activates «smart» products by connecting the intelligent needs of consumers, manufactures, brands, OEMs and retail chains. Tuya takes cybersecurity as its top priority in providing services and products to all customers and end users.

As part of the efforts to ensure system security, Tuya engages multiple independent professional 3rd parties to assist in building, maintaining and continuously improving a secure and reliable system. Among such professional services, ScienceSoft conducted penetration testing on our iOS and Android IoT Apps as well as 2 IoT smart devices (indoor and outdoor security cameras), which are powered by Tuya. The Apps and the devices alike were tested thoroughly and rigorously. Throughout the testing process, ScienceSoft’s team was always very responsive and very helpful. We were much satisfied with the professional performances of ScienceSoft and we are more confident of our system, as it was rated in the high security level, software and hardware, by ScienceSoft. We do appreciate the professionalism of ScienceSoft people.

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We are satisfied with the penetration testing services provided by ScienceSoft and with their team’s attention to detail and proactive approach to collaboration.

We were looking for a skilled penetration testing provider and chose ScienceSoft. ScienceSoft’s team performed black box penetration testing on our environment that includes web applications with public addresses.

The team was able to complete the project on time within budget and proved their expertise in security. A comprehensive report was provided with the identified vulnerabilities that were classified according to their criticality, and recommended mitigation measures.

We are satisfied with the penetration testing services provided by ScienceSoft and with their team’s attention to detail and proactive approach to collaboration. They were also very responsive and eagerly suggested security enhancements. We highly recommend ScienceSoft as a reliable cybersecurity partner.

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ScienceSoft positively surprised us with cooperation approach already from the beginning.

We were constantly developing and looking more towards solutions within Microsoft 365 suite, but lack of developer resources became an issue.

ScienceSoft positively surprised us with cooperation approach already from the beginning. Firstly, initial agreement stage was easy, understandable and we are able start working on our requirements as fast as possible. Secondly, we are able to create more thoughtful solution because of available expertise of allocated resources. Finally, that especially positively resonates with us is that, if there are any cooperation issues, we are able to be fully open from both sides and solve them effectively.

Great partner for long term cooperation.

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ScienceSoft met all our strict vendor selection criteria

At the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan, we were looking for a reliable technological partner to implement and support QRadar, an IBM SIEM solution. Our major vendor selection criteria included solid experience in QRadar deployment, customization, and configuration for banking and financial companies, an ISO 9001 certified corporate quality management system, Silver/Gold IBM Business Partner status, and IBM Certified Associates onboard. ScienceSoft fully complied with all the criteria, so we commissioned the company to carry out QRadar implementation and support.

ScienceSoft’s QRadar expert analyzed our technical requirements and created a design draft for a QRadar solution. During the following three months, he integrated QRadar with relevant IT infrastructure components, introduced standard and custom correlation rules and report templates, fine-tuned the SIEM solution to minimize the number of false-positive offenses. The implementation project was delivered on time and budget, and ScienceSoft’s expert performed on-site training sessions for our QRadar operators and administrators upon its completion.

After the system was successfully launched, we cooperated with ScienceSoft on technical support and continuous evolution of our QRadar solution. ScienceSoft’s team provided SIEM support services during our working hours, introduced complex configurations, and developed custom features for our solution.

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ScienceSoft's cybersecurity experts ensured the security of AWS environment

We hired ScienceSoft’s cybersecurity team to validate the security of our external and internal corporate networks.

ScienceSoft’s cybersecurity experts helped us build a plan for two penetration tests: (1) review of our corporate networks and (2) review of our cloud AWS services. They were very responsive and helpful in planning of the tests.

For the corporate networks, they performed black box and grey box penetration testing of our multiple IP addresses. Testing took only five days to validate to complete. After penetration testing was finished, we received a comprehensive report containing all the found vulnerabilities classified according to their criticality and recommendations on their mitigation.

In their review of our AWS services (Identity and Access Management (IAM), VPC Service Controls, AWS Config, CloudTrail, etc.) they checked the security of cloud environment configurations and our corporate data stored in the cloud and the effectiveness of our security practices in AWS. After that, we received another report with clear recommendations on how to enhance the cybersecurity of our AWS environment.

After an agreed time period for us to remedy the vulnerabilities they found, the experts at ScienceSoft performed a retest to confirm that we addressed the vulnerabilities.

We were very satisfied with the professional, timely, and friendly service and we greatly appreciate their help in securing our networks.

We eagerly recommend ScienceSoft as a strong cybersecurity partner.

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ScienceSoft developers proved to be Android experts

Chiron Health’s core business is providing caregivers with a web-based telemedicine platform which allows them to connect with patients for routine follow-ups and similar use cases. We engaged ScienceSoft to build an Android app that complements our web-based platform for our patients.

ScienceSoft developers proved themselves to be Android experts. They advised and successfully lead the way from end to end through the technical challenges and considerations with development of the Android app. ScienceSoft team was in daily contact with our developers and our method of communication was a huge factor in how successful this engagement was. I would also like to point out ScienceSoft’s solid approach to testing. The thorough testing they performed on our beta environment ensured that the app was launched without critical bugs. We have also engaged them to introduce a few enhancements to the app and would certainly consider ScienceSoft as a technology partner in further software development initiatives.

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The development and implementation process was very smooth and delivered the exact results we were expecting.

We worked with ScienceSoft in developing our SharePoint Intranet. The development and implementation process was very smooth and delivered the exact results we were expecting. We will surely work with them in the future.

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ScienceSoft’s penetration testing team made sure that the web application had no vulnerabilities

We partnered with ScienceSoft to carry out penetration testing of our Simpli5® web-based application.

We were under some time pressure to get penetration testing performed as quickly as possible. When I reached out ScienceSoft, they were immediately responsive to my inquiry, they provided a very competitive quote quickly, and they were able to schedule the testing shortly after our acceptance of the quote.

ScienceSoft’s security testing team performed exceptionally well and gave us confidence that our application posed no serious vulnerabilities. The collaboration was smooth and easy, and we were very pleased with selecting ScienceSoft as our vendor.

Cooperating with ScienceSoft was a terrific experience, and we will definitely consider them for our future security testing needs.

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ScienceSoft offers a high caliber of resources skilled in Microsoft Azure .NET, mobile and Quality Assurance. Over the past three years, Lixar was very pleased with the service provided by ScienceSoft development teams and executive management. For accelerated project timelines which require skilled resources, ScienceSoft is a company that your team should consider.

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ScienceSoft was attentive to our requirements and helped us avoid extensive development

For half a year we relied on ScienceSoft SharePoint competence to reinforce our team working on a Pharmaceuticals portal based on SharePoint Online. Several tasks were covered, in particular creating customized master pages with corporate style branding, social features with customized web parts and recreating the components at the target location. Our objective was to use the out-of-the-box SharePoint functionality to the maximum and avoid extensive development efforts and ScienceSoft expertly met these requirements. The remote cooperation ran very smoothly, as both parties shared the common vision of the project scope. The portal was implemented within time and budget. We can recommend ScienceSoft as a reliable IT partner supplying us with skilled technical staff.

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ScienceSoft came out as the clear winner in terms of testing quality and communication efficiency

We started working with ScienceSoft in early 2011 testing our core application called Careware. The application is quite complex and has many ERP and mobile elements in it.

The cooperation was a result of a competition that was held with another testing company where the focus was not only on quantity of testing, but very much on quality and the communication with the testers. ScienceSoft came out as the clear winner.

We have worked with the team in very close cooperation ever since and value the professional as well as flexible attitude towards testing. Since starting our cooperation the test team has changed in size and people, with one tester remaining with us for already 2 years now! We currently have a team of 3 very enthusiastic and good testers with whom we are very happy.

We hope to continue our cooperation into the future expect to grow the business as our customer base also grows, which is a direct result of the higher quality standards that ScienceSoft helps us to achieve.

Well done, and keep it up!

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ScienceSoft had accomplished pentest in a very professional manner and on time.

This year we had used ScienceSoft as our PenTest company. Experience that we had was very good. ScienceSoft had accomplished pentest in a very professional manner and on time. Personally I had only positive impressions from working with the team. Scout is looking forward to work with ScienceSoft in a future. 

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ScienceSoft provided comprehensive consulting on a startup's mobile app concept

As of the start of my cooperation with ScienceSoft, I needed competent and proactive consulting to help me shape my startup idea of a mobile app for social networking into a tangible business plan. I also required assistance in leading the project all through the development and launch stages.

Having partnered with ScienceSoft, I started working with a business consultant who helped validate the feasibility of my business idea. He conducted market entry consulting, which included competitors’ assessment (product efficiencies and drawbacks, pricing and monetization strategies, customer feedback analysis), research of regulatory barriers, and mobile app conceptualization. Our cooperation with ScienceSoft’s consultant ran smoothly, we had regular scheduled calls to discuss the findings and plan further steps.

As a result of this market entry consulting part, I gained clear visibility into the competitive market and got the project scope defined. The stage was really valuable as it allowed me to have the functionality of my app and the roadmap with the major milestones planned.

I want to thank ScienceSoft for the productive work so far. And I’m eager to see my project progressing!

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ScienceSoft's team were always very professional, demonstrating competency in the required skillset and good communications.

Lemongrass Consulting partnered with ScienceSoft, between March and September 2019, for our G-Suite to Office 365 Migration Project. This included the migration of all Lemongrass email, Distribution Lists and shared mailboxes, Calendars and Contacts from Google to Microsoft O365.

The Project encountered a number of unforeseen issues during migration and cutover but, ScienceSoft rose to the challenge and worked closely with the Lemongrass Team to ensure a timely resolution.

The ScienceSoft Team were always very professional, demonstrating competency in the required skillset and good communications; despite the remote working relationship.

The project was successfully implemented at the beginning of September and we are very happy with our new Office 365 solution. Thanks again to the ScienceSoft Team.

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ScienceSoft was trusted to deliver a multi-functional intranet portal

We cooperated with ScienceSoft on our company intranet project.

Their work will help us achieve a higher level of communication with our diverse workforce by creating a repository of tools, information, communication and event management tools. We have already seen an increase in event participation and use of the tools built into the site which allow the employees to have a greater part in self-managing their needs.

During the project, we asked a lot of questions and made a lot of requests that were met with quick, accurate responses and effective solutions.

We were able to trust their team to provide our company representatives with professional, accurate development services.

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We've been pleased with ScienceSoft's professionalism, expertise, guidance, organization, and timing

Harding and Carbone has been very pleased with selecting ScienceSoft as our vendor for developing a client portal for our customers.

Their professionalism, expertise, guidance, organization, and timing has been wonderful. They were also very patient with explaining their process and the next steps if we ran into any issues that we did not understand.

The end product is what we wanted and we would absolutely use them for any future development and projects for our company.

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ScienceSoft used React Native to deliver web and mobile apps for online payments

ScienceSoft are a great company to work with. The guys really cared about the online payment solution (a web app + iOS and Android mobile apps) they developed for my company and weren’t happy until they had it perfect. We first chose to go with Apache Cordova but later switched to React Native to give mobile apps a more native look and higher performance. ScienceSoft were very patient with me when I would change my mind about requirements. They also ask the right questions and look for ways to improve on an idea. Their communication was really good, and they explained their approach to all aspects of the development. I really like working with them.

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ScienceSoft ensured the security of our cloud application and customer data

We want to express our gratitude to ScienceSoft for their productive collaboration with us.

When we were looking for a reliable security testing partner in 2018 for the first release of our cloud-based application, we chose ScienceSoft to provide us with quality testing services and security code review.

Throughout security testing activities, ScienceSoft’s cybersecurity team proved to be result-oriented and attentive to detail. The team responded quickly and produced useful reports which were easy to understand and implement if required.

When the testing activities were completed, ScienceSoft provided us with the recommendations for improving our application's security level. Thanks to ScienceSoft’s quality testing efforts, we were able to ensure a higher level of protection of our cloud application and the sensitive customer data stored in it.

ScienceSoft has proved to be a competent cybersecurity partner who can deliver high-quality testing services within the deadlines provided.

We consider ScienceSoft a trusted business partner and plan to continue our working relationship with them.

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ScienceSoft tailored SharePoint Online spaces to the specific needs of our company’s departments

We turned to ScienceSoft to transfer 2 TB of the company’s content from the file share to SharePoint Online.

The project lasted for a month. ScienceSoft’s team built SharePoint Online spaces tailored to the specific needs of our company’s departments to enable structured storage and convenient collaboration on documents. They also configured role-based permissions to ensure high data security. After that, ScienceSoft’s team carried out the migration successfully and without disrupting our business processes.

In addition, ScienceSoft’s specialists conducted training for our employees on best practices of using SharePoint Online and OneDrive, including collaboration on documents and document sharing.

We are fully satisfied with our partnership with ScienceSoft, and their team continues to provide post-migration support.

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Smooth three-party collaboration during the project implementation

The R.I.S.K. Company cooperated with ScienceSoft as a technology partner on a SIEM deployment project for one of the leading mobile operator in Azerbaijan. Our primary vendor selection criterion was the solid experience in deployment, configuration and fine-tuning of IBM SIEM solution - QRadar. Experience in telecommunications industry was of high importnace as well. ScienceSoft was able to bring both those assets to the table.

ScienceSoft team's professionalism ensured smooth three-party collaboration during the project implementation. All the business applications critical for customer were successfully integrated with QRadar. Besides, custom reports were created to ensure prompt visualization of offences and system health state for customer's security officers. That is, the deployed solution not only guaranteed compliance with industry-specific security standards, but enabled the system to generate valuable information on various offences in connected log sources.

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With ScienceSoft, we conducted penetration testing in just a few days

We contracted ScienceSoft to perform penetration testing a few months ago. I recommend them fully. They were very quick to reply to all questions, they scheduled the test in just a few days when other vendors were booked for many weeks. And the testing itself was very well done, the results were clear and after one iteration of fixes, we passed the test.

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Quickly got up to speed with our Scrum processes.

For our project – building a Bitcoin mobile wallet on Cordova – we needed the assistance of a skilled mobile developer. ScienceSoft promptly provided us with an expert who joined our project team and quickly got up to speed with our Scrum processes. The developer managed to quickly understand the existing code base and proceeded to modify and evolve it according to our requirements. Together, we released our app on time and on budget.

We are happy with our ongoing cooperation with ScienceSoft, and would recommend their development services for future projects.

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ScienceSoft's team proved their mastery in a vast range of big data technologies and showed themselves great consultants.

We needed a proficient big data consultancy to deploy a Hadoop lab for us and to support us on the way to its successful and fast adoption. ScienceSoft's team proved their mastery in a vast range of big data technologies we required: Hadoop Distributed File System, Hadoop MapReduce, Apache Hive, Apache Ambari, Apache Oozie, Apache Spark, Apache ZooKeeper are just a couple of names. ScienceSoft's team also showed themselves great consultants. Special thanks for supporting us during the transition period. Whenever a question arose, we got it answered almost instantly. 

We would certainly recommend ScienceSoft as a highly competent and reliable partner. 

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ScienceSoft’s penetration testing team detected critical weaknesses in a web app and offered ways of mitigating them

We would like to express our gratitude to ScienceSoft for productive collaboration.

In January 2018 and February 2019, ScienceSoft’s security engineers provided us with penetration testing services to check the security of our web application. During our communication, ScienceSoft’s security professionals always responded quickly on any question regarding the identified security vulnerabilities.

Upon the completion of security tests, we got comprehensive reports with the detailed information on the detected critical and non-critical security weaknesses and recommended measures to mitigate them. After we carried out the remediation of critical vulnerabilities, ScienceSoft’s security engineers retested the protection of our web application again to confirm its high security level and delivered an updated final report to us.

Our experience of cooperation with ScienceSoft’s security testing team proved the company to be a competent cybersecurity services provider. We consider ScienceSoft to be a reliable business partner who understands how to make collaboration beneficial.

Thanks for fruitful cooperation!

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Flexible, thorough, and on-the-spot QA services

We contracted ScienceSoft to provide QA for a major Augmented Reality installation project, after extensive research, and we're really happy with our decision. Aliaksandr, Oksana and the rest of the team were flexible, thorough and on-the-spot, and able to provide assistance for short-term missioncritical testing. We'd happily recommend them to other mobile and immersive developers.

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The entire experience exceed my expectations

This was my first time working with developers on custom development and the entire experience exceed my expectations. It is great working with ScienceSoft on the SharePoint project. ScienceSoft team is responsive, professional, and easy to communicate with. I am extremely satisfied with this project.

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The team has been delivering results within budget and time.

ScienceSoft powered Tieto with a competent team to develop products for banking services. The team has been delivering results within budget and time. I’m absolutely satisfied with the quality of their services, their development skills and responsibility as well as the way they manage communication with us and our clients. I fully recommend ScienceSoft as a reliable IT partner!

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ScienceSoft has proved to be a reliable vendor with multi-disciplinary expertise

We would like to express our gratitude to ScienceSoft, our vendor for providing Salesforce-SharePoint integration.

We have had a fruitful collaboration. ScienceSoft has proved to be a reliable vendor with multi-disciplinary expertise, able to deliver seamless system integration that brings efficient customer communication and improved user experience.

We would recommend ScienceSoft as a highly professional and trusted business partner.

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Less than 2 weeks for pentesting

ScienceSoft provided us with the proper documentation agreed upon during the initial stages. They had quick turnaround times for PEN Testing, less than 2 weeks! ScienceSoft Sales team works with you until all services are complete. I highly recommend ScienceSoft.

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ScienceSoft's team showed deep cybersecurity expertise as well as excellent communication skills.

We would like to express our gratitude to ScienceSoft for productive cooperation.

ScienceSoft's team of security engineers provided the full package of penetration testing services for our web application. They performed penetration testing for multiple layers of our web application's security, providing useful reports and detailed recommendations on remediation.

Thanks to ScienceSoft's high-quality services, we were able to locate and neutralize vulnerabilities and ensure the security of our customers' personal data, as well as protect our services from potential attacks.

We were very pleased to see such a comprehensive approach. During our cooperation, ScienceSoft's team showed deep cybersecurity expertise as well as excellent communication skills, quickly addressing any of our questions and concerns.

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The team provided penetration testing in a timely and professional manner.

ScienceSoft performed penetration testing of two web applications and an external IP address for us. ScienceSoft’s team used the black box testing model, so they had strictly limited knowledge of our IT environment in general and the testing targets in particular.

The project was performed in two stages and took 7 days.

During the first stage, ScienceSoft’s penetration testing engineers detected vulnerabilities in the testing targets and classified them by their severity in line with OWASP TOP 10 threat classification. Also, the team assessed the security level of the testing targets by exploiting vulnerabilities. Based on the testing team’s findings, our IT specialists fixed the discovered vulnerabilities.

During the second stage, ScienceSoft’s team retested fixed vulnerabilities of the high severity level. Upon retesting, ScienceSoft delivered a report with overall penetration testing findings, including a list of uncovered vulnerabilities, possible risks, and recommended corrective measures.

We are fully satisfied with our partnership with ScienceSoft. Their team provided penetration testing in a timely and professional manner and gave us valuable recommendations on improving the security of our web apps and the external IP address.

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ScienceSoft’s business analysts and developers demonstrated high level of skills and competence.

During the project flow we were very pleased by the work of ScienceSoft’s business analysts and developers, who demonstrated high level of skills and competence. They made many significant contributions to our products both in terms of functionality and quality.

We would definitely recommend ScienceSoft as skilled and trustworthy consulting and development partner.

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Extremely competent in Sharepoint

ScienceSoft was extremely competent in terms of understanding the scope I provided, and delivered a finished Sharepoint architecture with very little adjustments required. Every individual was pleasant to work with, and any inquiry that I did have was addressed within a very short time. I was very pleased with my experience working with ScienceSoft and would recommend them.

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ScienceSoft's team leveraged SharePoint capabilities to create an attractive, functional, and easy-to-use intranet that is available in two languages: Arabic and English.

We turned to ScienceSoft’s consultants and developers for advice and assistance in implementing a SharePoint intranet. In a new intranet, we wanted to preserve the features we had in our former intranet based on another platform.

ScienceSoft’s team thoroughly analyzed our business needs and succeeded in meeting them all. The team leveraged SharePoint capabilities to create an attractive, functional, and easy-to-use intranet that is available in two languages: Arabic and English. The solution is integrated with multiple third-party systems, incorporates both out-of-the-box and custom-built functionality, and automates required business flows.

ScienceSoft’s experts also branded the intranet and aligned its look and feel with a corporate brand book, including fonts, colors, and styles. Branding allowed us to support the consistency of the company’s image and promote the corporate culture among the employees.

The project is still ongoing as ScienceSoft keep upgrading our intranet with new functionality. We appreciate ScienceSoft’s professionalism and dedication to the project and are fully satisfied with our cooperation.

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We appreciate high technological competence and niche domain experience of ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft team successfully perfomed business analysis in Document Management system notably migration to updated systems in order to improve service quality and provide verification of all the documentation. ScienceSoft has high technological competences to implement the needed specification as well as relevant domain experience (in this case nuclear field) so that the developers and testers can correctly interpret the guideline. Everything was delivered on time and on budget. As we've provided a detailed specification from the very beginning, they were able to set a price for the whole project and responsible for sticking to it. I'm likely to recommend ScienceSoft.      

ScienceSoft has multitudes of talents on-board

ScienceSoft is a highly skilled and uniquely capable firm with multitudes of talent on-board. We have collaborated on a number of diverse projects over the years all of which have been utmost success for both us and our clients.

We are working to expand our collaboration with them and highly recommend them to others as well.


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ScienceSoft gave us a team of very talented resources to implement our ideas and help us establish SharePoint best practices

We hired ScienceSoft to help get a Company Intranet stated on Sharepoint. It was something we aspired to create but did not have time and resources to get it developed. ScienceSoft gave us a team of very talented resources to not only implement our ideas but also help with cleanup and best practice implementation of our SharePoint environment. We are very satisfied with the results and will be reaching out to ScienceSoft again when we need assistance.

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ScienceSoft's front-end developers have been assisting in software product development since 2016

Since the foundation of Appsolute Mobility in 2016, ScienceSoft Oy has been a reliable partner for us in the development of software products. ScienceSoft Oy employees take an outstanding part in our front-end development. The services provided are very good and on time, the cooperation is always smooth and very pleasant.

We look forward to working with ScienceSoft Oy in the future and to being able to fall back on their expertise.

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ScienceSoft has shown excellent level of responsibility, communication skills and mobile competences

ScienceSoft designed and developed a native iOS app that offers a quantitative assessment of users’ physical fitness. I've incorporated my idea of a reliable person's physical state analyzer on my PC, and the ScienceSoft’s technical team implemented it to mobile realm. I was impressed with the excellent level of responsibility, communication skills and mobile competences of both the management team and developers. All the tasks were completed accurately, promptly and efficiently.

ScienceSoft provided cost-efficient and smooth assistance in software product development

We are very happy with having ScienceSoft as a partner for our product development team. They are proving us with highly skilled, talented developers that have been contributing to the growth of our business. ScienceSoft are making outsourcing a very smooth and cost efficient solution for us.

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ScienceSoft has always been very flexible in helping us to meet our deadlines.

ScienceSoft provides to us a team of skilled developers in PHP front-end and back-end programming. We've been working with ScienceSoft since June 2017 and their programmers have developed for us a number of hugh quality plugins for Magento 1, Magento 2 and Shopware marketplaces. 

ScienceSoft has always been very flexible in helping us to meet our deadlines. Whenever we experience unexpected workloads on even short notice they are very responsive in satisfying our needs. 

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ScienceSoft gave a fresh look to our intranet

At the end of a long migration project to the SharePoint O365 environment, our infrastructure software company desired to update the face of our intranet site with a fresh look. We required specific customizations as well as an assurance that frequent Microsoft updates wouldn't disrupt the design. ScienceSoft expertly met these requirements and their delivery on countless details and change requests were lightning-fast and their communication excellent. Our launch of the new site was seamless and successful.

We can highly recommend ScienceSoft as an efficient, reliable, communicative resource for IT departments that may need external skilled technical staff to accomplish their goals and vision. 

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The continuously increasing demand for services of GuideVision lead us to the decision, that - additionally to intensive hiring of own employees - we also find a long-term partner to help us handle the workload.

After looking through numerous candidates, we set our choice upon ScienceSoft and, over the course of our close cooperation, we haven’t regretted the decision. In terms of ServiceNow consulting and implementation, as well as automated testing services, they fulfilled our expectations and became very valuable for the projects.

At the present moment, their specialists are working together with our employees in mixed teams smoothly, just as well integrated units. We would definitely recommend working with ScienceSoft as a long-term partner.

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Ten mobile app development projects with ScienceSoft over the past 10 years

Over the past 10 years we've worked on about ten mobile app development projects with ScienceSoft. It was our first encounter with an outsourcing company. The relationship turned out to be very good, so we saw no need to look for other suppliers.

ScienceSoft is a professional and dedicated company. Their developers performed really well and we never had any major issues with their approach or delivered work. They have rescued us at times when we were late on developing the iOS version of an app. ScienceSoft worked hard to deliver the Android counterpart.

We would certainly recommend ScienceSoft as a highly skilled and reliable technology partner.

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ScienceSoft showed deep technical skills when providing consulting and development of mobile and web CRM products

AITC, and me personally, has worked with ScienceSoft on both product development and consulting engagements with a focus on mobile and CRM. We have experienced great cooperation from management in both departments, quick understanding of requirements, deep technical skills from assigned resources, and the company's commitment to time, price, and quality. We would be pleased to recommend ScienceSoft to anyone looking for outsourcing or extension of their own team!

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ScienceSoft proved to be a highly skilled partner in iOS and Android app development

We have cooperated with ScienceSoft in several projects, including secure and feature rich iOS and Android applications. Our companies established a very good relationship during the projects. ScienceSoft proved to be a professional and committed partner. Their developers performed exceptional well and we were satisfied with their approach. We would certainly have no hesitation to recommend ScienceSoft as a highly skilled and reliable service provider. 

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ScienceSoft has high technological competencies to perform the needed testing as well as relevant domain experience.

ScienceSoft team successfully performed Security and Penetration testing for Snad organization's public facing portals pertaining to www.snad.org.sa back in December, 2018 and gave us the confidence that the portal is ready to be launched with no serious vulnerabilities.

ScienceSoft has been highly professional through out the process and helped us through all the steps of testing. ScienceSoft has high technological competencies to perform the needed testing as well as relevant domain experience.

Everything was delivered on time and on budget. I'd highly recommend ScienceSoft.

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ScienceSoft brings exceptional talent to the table to help us enhance our online booking platform

We are fully satisfied with the work completed by ScienceSoft. These guys bring exceptional talent to the table and have become instrumental to the ongoing enhancement of our online booking platform. They pretty much deliver all of their assigned work on time and within budget. As a result of my positive experience with ScienceSoft I’d like to underwrite that our business partnership is ongoing.

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Hire ScienceSoft if you want a creative approach to your software development tasks

Deep in the heart of Belarus, a group of programmers is trying to automate creativity and thus shape the future of innovation. Starting with a long-standing idea that invention has logical rules and principles that lead from problem to solution, the programmers are weaving a meta-researcher out of software code and Internet tools. Their goal is to enable engineers and scientists to come up with product ideas and new services much more quickly than the old-fashioned, lightbulb-over-the-head method.

ScienceSoft developers jumped in to our unfinished project and finalized it in a highly professional way and right on time

We were helped out by ScienceSoft when we lost one of our key developers, and were facing a critical business situation with tight deadlines for product launch, training and customer deliveries. ScienceSoft developers were able to jump in to an unfinished project and finalize everything in a highly professional and efficient way, and right on time. Our initial concerns regrading the use of remote resources proved to be unfounded as the team co-operation using internet, email and skype turned out to work very well. We have been very, very satisfied with ScienceSoft and not only plan to continue with them but also would like to recommend their services for any other challenging software development project!

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ScienceSoft modernized a SharePoint site by introducing new functionality

Welch Packaging hired ScienceSoft to help modernize our SharePoint site. They added a professional scrolling announcements and added new sections for Birthdates and anniversary dates. They completed the project on time and on budget. I am very satisfied with the work they did and I would recommend them to anyone who needs SharePoint work.

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Impressive attention to details.

From the first day I started working with Sciencesoft I knew they were different than any other software company I had communicated with previously. Their attention to detail and accountability were impressive from the start of my project, through the release of my software and during Beta testing. I have been very satisfied with the quality of their product and have been pleasantly surprised by their level of service.

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ScienceSoft established smooth communications and management on the project and delivered the required product features.

ScienceSoft has participated in development of features for our company product. The tricky task was to have it developed for a several platforms simultaneously. The team sank into the project specifics very quickly; they established smooth communications and management on the project, and, eventually, delivered the required product features, which were successfully integrated into main product. We appreciate their help a lot!

ScienceSoft's development team responded quickly and provided regular, detailed reports

We appreciate a lot a responsible and thorough approach of ScienceSoft team. The development team responded quickly to all the project-related issues. In addition, detailed reports were provided on a regularly basis, which kept us abreast of the project status. All in all, we enjoyed our experience of having ScienceSoft as an outsourcing partner.

ScienceSoft's team was devoted to delivering high-quality services and making the collaboration process smooth and convenient for us.

We collaborated with ScienceSoft on the creation of testing documentation for one of our projects – a B2C hotel booking portal.

ScienceSoft’s QA team efficiently developed testing documentation on the basis of exploratory testing results and our software requirements specification. We would like to acknowledge that the team was devoted not only to delivering high-quality services but also making the collaboration process smooth and convenient for us.

Undoubtedly, we would recommend ScienceSoft as a reliable partner in QA and software testing.

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