Testing a VoIP Mobile App for a Regional Cyber Security Leader

Testing a VoIP Mobile App for a Regional Cyber Security Leader

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Located in the Gulf, the Customer is a regional leader in delivering cyber security solutions to governments, businesses and individuals. The Customer’s offer comprises mobile and desktop applications for secure data communication and cyber security consulting services.


The Customer developed a secure (encrypted) VoIP mobile app for iOS 8.0 and above and Android 5.0 and above. Though the Customer had tested the app before, they needed to perform pre-release testing of the app on both platforms against the standards accepted nationally and abroad to ensure its seamless work.

The project posed additional challenges to the mobile testing team:

  • Insufficient test coverage in the Customer’s test suites used for testing previously could result in missed bugs. The Customer used only positive test cases for load and performance testing, which was not enough to assure the app work in sub-optimal conditions.
  • The application relied on wireless communication networks, so it required separate test suites to check its operation under 2G–4G and Wi-Fi.


ScienceSoft’s mobile testing team analyzed the Customer’s requirements and test cases and wrote a requirement-based test suite covering the following types of testing:

  • Functional testingThe mobile testing team wrote separate test suites to address the app operation under 2G-4G and Wi-Fi.
  • Stress and load testingScienceSoft’s mobile testing team introduced negative test cases, expanding the test suite from 10+ to 50+ test cases providing full test coverage. Negative testing helped reveal weak points of the app, such as inability to send messages containing 1 K+ symbols or transmit big media files (photos and videos).

Based on the test improvements introduced, the testing team performed functional testing of the mobile app in 2 countries, which involved 4 mobile operators and several communication standards.

While our mobile testing team performed testing, the Customer continued developing the application and introduced new features. To ensure the quality of updated software, the mobile testing team developed a test suite for regression testing to be run on new builds.

Upon the Customer’s request, our mobile testing team worked out the test result matrix and the report template to be used at the project verification and validation stages.


Cooperating with ScienceSoft in the field of testing, the Customer ensured that the developed VoIP mobile app for iOS and Android was adaptable to sub-optimal conditions (communications blackouts, poor connection quality, etc.) and worked nationwide and globally, supporting several communication standards.

The Customer obtained a test suite for regression testing, result matrix and report template to deliver stable releases further.

Technologies and Tools

Test Rail, Atlassian JIRA, Apple Configurator, Xcode, Turaya

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