Time Tracking and Reporting Tool

Time Tracking and Reporting Tool

Information Technology
.NET, MS SQL Server, Frontend (JS, HTML, CSS)


As an outsourcing services provider, we know the value of quickly generated and accurate reports. It is a valuable tool for the customers, project managers, product owners, and HR managers allowing to track performance of a single employee or a whole organization.

Traditionally software development companies are using project management tools like Jira (Atlassian), Podio (Citrix) or online services like Basecamp. Those are comprehensive management solutions; we are using them for various purposes too.

However, their tracking functionality is universal – it is more about task tracking, rather than about time tracking. Moreover, they require long training period for new users. Additionally, excessive time for entering input data is required.

Being an experienced software development company, we learned that customers are not willing to pay for developers’ time spent on filling out reports. At the same time, they are requesting detailed and accurate reports being provided to them for tracking purposes. This inspired us to develop a time tracking solution that solves those issues.

We built a solution with sophisticated reports, but simple data entry. Gathering data for business intelligence analysis with Budka does not require much effort.

It is an easy web-based system allowing an employee to fill out report in the intuitive Excel-like interface in just a few clicks. While a manager is able to generate different types of reports by pressing just one button.

Technologies and Tools

MS.NET, 4.5 ASP.NET MVC, MS SQL Server, JavaScript.

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